What is EMEA Marketing

EMEA Marketing is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of a company’s goods and services to consumers and users  in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) area.

Factors affecting EMEA Marketing decisions

  • Market Size
  • Market rate of growth
  • Government regulation
  • Economic and political factors
  • Market share
  • Product fit
  • Profit

EMEA Marketing Decisions

There are lots of decisions to make when producing EMEA Marketing campaigns:

  • In which countries should products be marketed?
  • The market share level required in each?
  • To what extend should products and services be standardised across countries?
  • Where should the value-added activities be located?

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Why is it so specialised?

Culture is the main reason. The cultural differences between Asian markets and US markets is significant. Within the EMEA area many different cultures exist from North European, Scandavian, Arab, Arfican, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and let’s not forget how weird the British are!!


Main problems with EMEA Marketing

Global marketing can sometimes appear weak, as it has to appeal to so many different cultures without offending anyone so the golden rule is keep it safe.


EMEA Marketing Managers Role

  • Translate worldwide marketing strategies and campaigns into marketing plans and tactics with a focus on the direct markets of EMEA area and more often than not supporting distributor marketing efforts in the EMEA regions.
  • responsible for managing all aspects of EMEA Marketing Plan to ensure the achievement of financial / budget expectations
  • Identify optimal marketing mix
  • Recommends and Promote “best practices” including sales strategy, sales tools, and marketing programs Among the regions.
  • Mange the creation, tracking and reporting of the marketing plan and budget for EMEA marketing operations.
  • Provide management and mentorship for the marketing team, driving the collaboration, coordination and success.
  • Provide EMEA feedback and influence over marketing strategies and creative approaches.