About Us

Welcome to the EMEA Marketing Agency an international marketing agency of Get Fletch

Our Story

I have over 10 years experience working on EMEA marketing campaigns and strategies. Before setting up my own agency I had been working on a number of creative EMEA Marketing campaigns for Motorola in a international agency. I was then appointed to consultant for a international infrastructure business focusing on the EMEA region. This website started as a “teach myself SEO” and to build a prospect list of EMEA Marketing people. The enquiries I had clearly showed me that there was a need for an EMEA Marketing consultancy.

From my design agency and digital marketing agency I want to going forward focus EMEA Marketing as a marketing consultancy for businesses in the EMEA region or international businesses trying to break the EMEA area.

Our team has worked with clients big and small marketing their products, companies and brands in Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Our services include:

EMEA Marketing strategy

EMEA marketing design

EMEA marketing translations

EMEA marketing copy writing

EMEA Go to market strategy

The future

I want to develop a network of in-country marketing specialists. If you would like to work with us click here.

Local insight for brand effective strategies